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6 WEEK program series

SESSIOn 2 - FRIdAYS - OCT 25 - DEC 6

This enriching nature-based experience in Spanish and English is open to children ages 2-5 and offers hands-on early childhood activities using a model of parental cooperation. This exciting class will empower families to embrace bilingualism and immerse children in an interactive dual-language play group. Children enjoy sensory activities, nature crafts and preparing snack together each class. Bilingual Nature Play program is facilitated by native Spanish speakers Fernanda Pineda-Wolfson and Govinda Bilges and will restart as a 6 week series. Class will meet on Fridays from 9:30 am - 11:00 am.


Esta experiencia enriquecedora en español e inglés basada en un ambiente natural (al aire libre) está abierta para niños de 2 a 5 años de edad y ofrece actividades prácticas de la niñez temprana usando un modelo de cooperación con los padres. Esta emocionante clase empoderará a las familias para incorporar integralmente el bilingüismo y sumergir a los niños en un grupo de juego interactivo con los dos idiomas. Los niños disfrutan de actividades sensoriales, manualidades con la naturaleza y en cada clase preparan juntos algo de comer. Las facilitadoras del programa Juego Bilingüe en la Naturaleza (Bilingual Nature Play) son Fernanda Pineda-Wolfson y Govinda Bilges, ambas hablantes nativas de español e iniciará de nuevo como una serie de 6 semanas. La clase se imparte los viernes de 9:30 am - 11:00 am.


program Features & Guidelines

Spanish-speaking/multilingual households have increased exponentially in the United States, and many monolingual parents have shown interest in exposing their children to foreign languages from an early age. This bilingual nature play program seeks to provide an enriching, flexible, nature-based experience for young children. Using an emergent curriculum, developmentally appropriate practices, and a model of parental cooperation, this program aims to empower families to embrace bilingualism, with the added benefit of making new friends and enjoying the garden.

Created for children ages 2-5 and their parent/caregiver. Each day hands-on activities will be facilitated in Spanish/English and learning tools, curriculum and supplies will be provided. Water and Snack provided at each session. Please bring your child a change of clothes. Parent/Caregiver participation required. All adults take an active role in observing and discerning their child's interests and supporting them to engage in the learning activities.



  • Session Fee: $120 per child for 6 classes / $96 for DBCG Members

  • Sibling Discount:: $60 per sibling for 6 classes / $48 for DBCG Members

  • SESSION 2 of our 6 week series begins on Friday, October 25, 2019 and runs through December 6. Spring schedule TBD.

  • There is no class on Friday, November 29 for Thanksgiving Holiday.

  • (1) Makeup class is offered per session.

  • Once your registration is confirmed, payment is due by October 25.

  • Space is limited.


Fernanda Pineda - Wolfson, Creator of BNP

& Lead Facilitator

Born and raised in Mexico, Fernanda is a passionate educator with over 15 years of experience. She has worked in the Philippines, France, Mexico and USA. As a native Spanish speaker she is passionate about sharing her language with youth and families. As an active volunteer at DBCG, she has shared stories and songs in Spanish at many of our events. Fernanda is the founder of Global Story Time at Swinton Community Garden. Her family is her treasure and when she is not with her toddler and husband, she enjoys reading, gardening, and cooking.


Govinda Bilges

Born in Brownsville, TX, along the U.S. Mexico Border, Govinda was raised bilingual and bicultural. Traveling, sometimes daily, between the two countries along a 200 ft. bridge was the most impactful aspect of her young life and steered her career path toward the servicing professions.

She has a Master's of Public Health from the University of Texas, Health Science Center. She has worked in health promotion, health education and bilingual education. She is currently pursuing a nursing degree with a focus on maternal and child health. Her heart is complete when she is with her toddler and husband.


"We have been participating in Bilingual Nature Play since it started and we look forward to it every week. I used to be an elementary school teacher and I really value the activities the teachers plan. The activities are always hands on and a mix of science experiments, art using nature objects, and math (patterns, sorting, or comparing/contrasting). The best part is all these wonderful activities are at the children’s level and the teachers encourage the parents to observe and let the children try and discover without our directions throughout the entire process. Fernanda’s welcome songs and circle time create a warm learning community. The unit on colors was reviewed in so many different and engaging ways. We have been able to practice the colors and some of the activities at home and I’m happy that my son is learning Spanish. Having my son learn another language at such a young age is very exciting. In the garden, Govinda’s yoga is calming and age appropriate. As my son showed more participation in the yoga, we started practicing some of the poses at home together. Fernanda, Govinda, and Paula all are passionate, caring teachers who love creating an outdoor learning environment and are great at giving the kids the freedom to explore, make choices, and have fun with their friends at the garden. Thank you for this program!" - Rachel Z.