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Sign up now for our pop-up Summer Play Sessions! These creative and fun nature play days will offer water and mud play, art and special activities. Children are recommended to attend in bathing suits/messy clothes as we will have the overhead sprinklers on and messy projects to enjoy.


Nature Education Cooperative - Session 3


Nature Education Cooperative offers hands-on educational curriculum in science, math, language and the arts for children ages 3-7 in our beautiful outdoor classroom. This 3-hour educational class meets every Tuesday's from 10 am - 1 pm (excluding some holiday weeks). Using Montessori learning tools, child-led learning concepts, and a nature school philosophy, we will journey together on an empowering collaborative learning experience. Parent/Caregiver participation is required in our cooperative program. Nature Education Cooperative will also coordinate quarterly educational nature field trips to various locations (optional/entry costs may apply). 

program Features & Guidelines

  • Created for homeschool families and pre-school age children ages 3-7.

  • Each day a theme will be facilitated and learning tools, curriculum and supplies will be provided.

  • We will offer diverse and enriching hands-on projects in science, math, language and the arts.

  • Filtered Ice Water provided at each session. Food from the garden shared as available.

  • Please bring food and beverage for your child as well as a change of clothes.

  • Parent engagement and presence is required. Our goal is to collectively empower all of the children's experiences and this requires the adults present to focus on the needs and desires of the children for the whole time we are together.

Application & ENROLLMENT

  • Session 3 Weekly class (1 Child): $25 each

  • Session 3 Weekly Class (1 Sibling): $15 each

  • 20% off for Members

  • Space is limited. Once enrolled, please register in advance for your weekly class in-person at DBCG or online to secure your spot in the class.

  • Session Class Packages available for an additional 5% discount off total and guarantees placement in class: Session 1 - Sep 18 through Dec 11 ( 12 classes) Session 2 - Jan 8 through Mar 26 (12 classes) Session 3 - April 2 through May 21 ( 8 classes)

  • Summer Pop-Up Sessions available on Tuesday, June 4, 11 & 18 from 10 am to 1 pm. No Application is required. $25 per child, $20 for members. No sibling discount or class pack discount offered.

Application for Session 3

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact DBCG Director Christina Nicodemou directly at