Grow A Community With Us.  


Science & Nature Exploration

Goal: Raise $11,000 for Class Supplies, Garden Maintenance Tools, Facility Enhancement


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Delray Beach Children's Garden is in full bloom! Our garden has grown significantly in its first year. Not only are we growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, we are growing the minds and experiences of children. We are also harvesting community and uniting people together in the spirit of nature. We aim to support our growing educational programming in the coming school year so we may invite even MORE children from ALL economic and cultural backgrounds to play, learn, explore and problem-solve together through hands-on learning and guided discovery in our lush garden. Please support our GROWING garden to be able to offer a plentiful season of field trips and classes in science, nature, cooking, art, yoga, woodworking and more.

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Educational Supplies:

  • Microscope (6)
  • Telescope (2)
  • Easels (10) 
  • Paint
  • Rolls of Paper
  • Craft Supplies (Scissors, Glue, Markers, etc.)
  • Musical Instruments (Drums, Triangles, Bells, Shakers, etc.)
  • Children's Nature-Based Story Books
  • Blender
  • Cooking Supplies

Garden Supplies:

  • Edible Plants, Native Plants, Medicinal Plants
  • Seeds
  • Exotic Trees
  • Tools (Trowels, Shovels)
  • Trellis
  • Clay Pots (Large & Small)
  • Ceramic Pots (Large & Small)
  • Rope
  • Topiary Animal Forms

Facility Supplies:

  • Outdoor Seating/Tables
  • Children's Benches and Chairs
  • Solar Panel to Run Water Pump
  • Sand for Sandbox
  • Garbage Receptacles
  • Pond supplies (Long Handle Filter Nets, Fish food, etc.)
  • Rabbit care supplies/Veterinary costs

Sponsorship for Student Participation

  • All additional funds will go towards our sponsorship program for children to attend our classes and workshops

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