[Earth Day Special]: What's in Your Compost?

In honor of Earth Day, we're bringing you five cool facts about composting. DIG IN!

  1. Used tissues, dryer lint, nail clippings, dog fur, &...jello?! You can compost them all! 
  2. For an average family of four, approximately 20,000 compost worms are hard at work to turn waste ---> compost
  3. Adding compost to existing soil can help increase its water-holding capacity, so you can save yourself some water!   
  4. Your compost is *HOT*- the organisms breaking down waste generate heat 
  5. The average person throws away 7x their own body weight in waste per year, and about 25% of that is garden waste... so get to composting! 

Want to compost, but don't have a place to? Come visit us at the garden and give us your compost! Our worm friends will thank you :)