NATURE EDUCATION COOPERATIVE - Collaborative Learning at the Delray Beach Children's Garden

Beginning September 18 DBCG will be offering a 3-hour educational class on Tuesday's from 10 am - 1 pm. Nature Education Cooperative will offer hands-on educational curriculum in science, math, language and the arts for children ages 3-7 in our beautiful outdoor classroom. Using Montessori learning tools, child-led learning concepts, and a nature school philosophy, we will journey together on an empowering collaborative learning experience. 

Parent/Caregiver participation is required in our cooperative program. Nature Education Cooperative will also coordinate monthly educational nature field trips to various locations (optional/entry costs may apply). Visit our Co-op page for more details.

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In Fall 2018, DBCG will be partnering with Farmer Jay to offer his workshops from his Junior Sprouts Program. Jason McCobb is an expert in Sustainable Agriculture, specializing in Urban Gardening. With the belief that the garden is an extension of nature and something that must be protected and nurtured, Jay never uses pesticides or synthetic chemicals. In addition to farming and building gardens, Farmer Jay has also developed a program for children called Farmer Jay’s Jr. Sprouts, which teaches kids where food comes from and helps to pass along the lost art of Sustainable Agriculture. He and his wife have recently turned Farmer Jay's Jr. Sprouts into a non-profit organization and together, they look forward to making an impact in their local community by teaching the next generation how to grow their own food. 

To register, email

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Container Garden Project

WiseTribe's #GertDirtyInDelray challenge is designed and led by 8th graders from Carver Middle School and aims to foster community resilience and awareness of food solutions and sustainability. Guided by wise members of the community, these Young Leaders are working to get more people in Delray Beach to grow their own food through creative container gardens.

DBCG collaborates with our partners WiseTribe to prep seedlings and craft upcycled palette garden walls. Would your school or youth group like to join the movement? Help us support this expanding project and strengthen our community together.

Contact to book a volunteer service field trip or to learn more.