Nestled just a few blocks south of Atlantic Ave, our two-plot parcel of land, generously leased to us by St. Paul's Episcopal Church, now serves as an urban retreat, ripe for exploration and play. 


our Origins

The Delray Beach Children's Garden was created to nurture eco-consciousness in children. We believe that given the opportunity to learn, play and explore in nature, children will grow up wanting to be environmental stewards.

From the start, the founding committee believed that a garden for children should include children in the design and build. Children have been an integral part of creating what the garden has to offer today, from serving as judges at our design charrette, to working as volunteers throughout the build.

Garden Features: 

  • Veggie Garden Labyrinth
  • Rare and Tropical Fruit Trees
  • Giant Storytelling Chair with a Treasure Chest of books
  • Fish and Turtle pond
  • Twig Tunnel
  • Banana Forest
  • Well Wishes Healing Garden
  • Interactive weather and solar power stations
  • Dream Boat
  • Cotton the Albino Bunny
  • the Simon Grass River Hut for classes, celebrations and gatherings